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Margrethe Necklace
Margrethe Necklace Sale price€164,95
Ellen NecklaceEllen Necklace
Ellen Necklace Sale price€116,95
Laurie Necklace
Laurie Necklace Sale price€102,95
Celine NecklaceCeline Necklace
Celine Necklace Sale price€157,95
Simone Necklace
Simone Necklace Sale price€102,95
Ocean Treasure NecklaceOcean Treasure Necklace
Ocean Treasure Necklace Sale price€102,95
Ocean Love Necklace
Ocean Love Necklace Sale price€129,95
Mai NecklaceMai Necklace
Mai Necklace Sale price€102,95
Lucca NecklaceLucca Necklace
Lucca Necklace Sale price€102,95
Lucca Mini NecklaceLucca Mini Necklace
Lucca Mini Necklace Sale price€95,95
Frida NecklaceFrida Necklace
Frida Necklace Sale price€102,95
Luna NecklaceLuna Necklace
Luna Necklace Sale price€170,95
Coco Necklace
Coco Necklace Sale price€129,95
Sonia NecklaceSonia Necklace
Sonia Necklace Sale price€129,95
Sansa Sale price€102,95
Sansa X Emili NecklaceSansa X Emili Necklace
Sansa X Emili Necklace Sale price€157,95
Helena NecklaceHelena Necklace
Helena Necklace Sale price€129,95
Barbara NecklaceBarbara Necklace
Barbara Necklace Sale price€102,95
Emili Necklace
Emili Necklace Sale price€116,95
Thalia Sale price€88,95
Gift Card
Gift Card Sale priceFrom €47,86
Monogram NecklaceMonogram Necklace
Monogram Necklace Sale price€116,95
Lulu Necklace
Lulu Necklace Sale price€102,95
Cocolina Necklace
Cocolina Necklace Sale price€116,95