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Jewelry Care

Take good care of your new Ellenhard Copenhagen jewelry

All Ellenhard Copenhagen jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver with 18k gold plating, semiprecious stones and freshwaterpearls. All jewelry is intended for both everyday use and special ocasions, but be aware that the surface of your gilt jewelry will eventually wear out, the more you use them. The gold plating will last differently from person to person depending on the PH value of the skin. Be aware that if your jewelry changes color and / or the gilding disappears, it is not a complaint.

Always remove your jewelry when you wash your hands, go bathing and exercise. Do not sleep with them at night and avoid direct contact with perfumes and creams.

You can gently polish your jewelry with a non-abrasive cleaning cloth - you should not finally use any polish on your gilt jewelry, as the coating / gilding will be brushed off.

The thin chains used in bracelets and in necklaces may break if they get a hard jerk - or many small ones. However, they do not break themselves by themselves. A broken chain can easily be repaired, but it is not a complaint.

For longer durability, we recommend that you store your Ellenhard Copenhagen jewelry, in the jewelry box that comes with your new jewelry.

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