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Margrethe Necklace
Margrethe Necklace Sale price1.200 DKK
Ellen NecklaceEllen Necklace
Ellen Necklace Sale price850 DKK
Laurie Necklace
Laurie Necklace Sale price750 DKK
Celine NecklaceCeline Necklace
Celine Necklace Sale price1.150 DKK
Simone Necklace
Simone Necklace Sale price750 DKK
Ocean Treasure NecklaceOcean Treasure Necklace
Ocean Treasure Necklace Sale price750 DKK
Ocean Love Necklace
Ocean Love Necklace Sale price950 DKK
Mai NecklaceMai Necklace
Mai Necklace Sale price750 DKK
Lucca NecklaceLucca Necklace
Lucca Necklace Sale price750 DKK
Lucca Mini NecklaceLucca Mini Necklace
Lucca Mini Necklace Sale price700 DKK
Frida NecklaceFrida Necklace
Frida Necklace Sale price750 DKK
Luna NecklaceLuna Necklace
Luna Necklace Sale price1.250 DKK
Coco Necklace
Coco Necklace Sale price950 DKK
Sonia NecklaceSonia Necklace
Sonia Necklace Sale price950 DKK
Sansa Sale price750 DKK
Sansa X Emili NecklaceSansa X Emili Necklace
Sansa X Emili Necklace Sale price1.150 DKK
Helena NecklaceHelena Necklace
Helena Necklace Sale price950 DKK
Barbara NecklaceBarbara Necklace
Barbara Necklace Sale price750 DKK
Emili Necklace
Emili Necklace Sale price850 DKK
Thalia Sale price650 DKK
Gift Card
Gift Card Sale priceFrom 350 DKK
Monogram NecklaceMonogram Necklace
Monogram Necklace Sale price850 DKK
Lulu Necklace
Lulu Necklace Sale price750 DKK
Cocolina Necklace
Cocolina Necklace Sale price850 DKK